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🚘 BEST CAR RENTAL Savings For 2016 β—„ Don’t get caught out again!

🚘 BEST CAR RENTAL Savings For 2016 β—„ Don’t get caught out again!

– Today. – How to save big on a car rental. – Oh yeah! (cash register dinging) (small tune on piano) – Hi, I am The Youtube
Deal Guy Matt Granite. – I’m Intern Amy. – I find huge deals everyday, and we also impart as much frugal advice as humanly possible. – Of course. – To the amazing subscribers watching right now, all of our freebies and giveaways, they’re gonna return
within the next video, but, I’m getting a lot of questions this time of year, about car rentals. – Yeah, we’ve been
getting a lot of questions on how to get the lowest price, and if you should take the car insurance or not. – The big question. And some of you know that I work for USA Today, Travel, and I travel every week, and I’ve
answered this question, and I’m happy to answer it again. Do you take that extra insurance? If you’re watching this, or listening, and you’ve never been in a car accident, and you’ve been driving a long time covered by the
same insurance company, my advice, skip that supplemental insurance. You do not need it at all. For the rest of us, who might have been in an accident, or two, that car rental insurance, that costs anywhere from 10 to 40 dollars per day is helpful,
because you are ten times more likely to get into a car accident in an unfamiliar car,
in an unfamiliar place. And you’re more likely to run into problems than your
typical day on the road. While your regular car insurance company will likely cover you during an accident, it will affect your premiums in a big way, and your
rates could increase. The deductible free supplemental insurance is the way to go in your case. I always skip the
personal affects coverage, as in my opinion, protecting your rental car valuables is overkill. But the two supplemental insurances I always recommend, the loss or collision damage waiver, which covers you in a car crash, and liability insurance, in the event you hurt someone else. For me that peace of mind, and additional protection, that won’t affect your premium, with your insurance company, with other unknowns in the mix, is my recommendation. And my other favorite resource, a great way to lock in the lowest car prices. They days of comparing rates side by side are over,, one of my favorite free websites, that will
lock in the lowest rate, and will constantly re-book
you at the lower rate if that rate drops. So did I answer those questions okay? – I think you did. – Do you feel like this
was time well spent? – I think it was. Even though I can’t rent a car, because I’m only 20. It’s not even legal. – I knew you weren’t that enthusiastic. – I don’t know why I’m in this video, I’m just gonna leave. – Amy’s gone, no actually, there is something, because I know when I was doing this not too many years ago, and I would travel with my wife, you can actually pay the
age differential fee, some car companies will let you rent a car, you just pay a little bit more per day. Now you’re excited! – Yeah. Very excited because I can rent a car that’s all, that’s what I’ve been looking forward to my entire life! – Better yet, many of our subscribers I’m sure would like to take you with them. – Oh, that’s, that’s, nice. – If you’d like to take
Amy on a road trip, because she’s unable to go anywhere on her own, just volunteer below, and I’m pretty sure that we’ll be able to hook you up. That’s right, our freebie
today is intern Amy. – No. – The other product freebie is coming your way in the next video. If there’s anything else you wanna see, let us know. Wanna win an awesome item I test for free? It’s simple, subscribe! Turn your notifications on a desk top, it looks like this. Once your notifications are turned on for desktop, or on a mobile platform, where it looks like this, if you hear me call your name, you get that item delivered to you for free. And for those of you that wanna buy any of my hot deals, expand the description box right under the video window. All the thinks you need are right there. (guitar music)

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100 thoughts on “🚘 BEST CAR RENTAL Savings For 2016 β—„ Don’t get caught out again!

  1. Hey Matt,Wondering if you have any Deal Guy Daily Deals coming up on Amazon Prime membership renewals?Β My membership is about to expire and think you had a deal about this time last year.Β  Thanks…Ted

  2. As always, timely, money saving tips & Fabulous appearances from my faves! Thanks Matt & Amy!! If either of y'all get to EastTN, holler at me!! πŸ‘πŸ½ Got tips for y'all!πŸ’ž

  3. The Maestro's totally trippin' today on travel!
    Thank you for the VALUABLE advice regarding rental insurance and recommendation for Auto Slash (which I never knew existed)!
    Matt: "Our freebie today is intern Amy!" I'd dance to that any day! πŸ˜€

  4. Matt and Amy, thank you for the car rental video. These are the kind of deals I like because anyone who travels often, like you and I, can benefit from it.

  5. Thanks for the info and webste…also certain credit cards come with perks like covering your car rental if you decline the company's insurance. And Amy I totally understand your "reservations" about today's freebie lol Thanks again for the info

  6. I didn't know about this auto rental comparison site!! Thanks for enlightening me, Matt!
    Please don't offer intern Amy to strangers….;)

  7. I have had a lot of good luck on Priceline…I usually book last minute but with all the great bidding strategy websites, has saved me quite a bit of money vs regular price.

  8. That is fascinating, I learned about the to young to rent cost more whenΒ  was Amy's age in the military. That is a much better option to the no car dilemma. I always got the insurance because I was nervous. That is great information. Autoslash definitely seems awesome. Great job, and the difference is very useful, especially before the holiday season. Thanks so much, guys. Hope school is going well intern Amy.

  9. I saw this video approximately a month ago, commented, and then it disappeared! Glad you brought it back. It's important to get the loss damage waiver even if you have good insurance. Very often, they cover damage but not all the added fees, which can really add up. Some policies only cover partial damage.

  10. Great info Matt. Amy I totally understand that you were not happy because you are not of age yet. You should have made Matt dance for it then.

  11. OMG This was right on time and I went directly to the website I'm now waiting 1/2 hrs or so to receive my email full of discounts thanxs Matt & Amy. how's school going Amy?

  12. While most people will not need to rent a car one great use for a car rental is to try out a car you might want to buy in the future. Gives you time to see if the purchase is right for you. Love the Give-a-Ways including Amy.

  13. Hi Matt and Amy, thank you very much for this information. I just found out if you rent a car when your car is available to you(road trip starting from home for example) auto insurance doesn't cover it, mine doesn't anyway. I would not have looked into insurance for my rental if I had not seen your video. I will buy insurance from another company as it was about a 1/3 as much as a car rental company. Have a look at insuremyrentalcar, (I haven't checked out any others yet) you might want to do a follow up with them. Autoslash is a good service as well. Thank you again, I look forward to your videos, they always have the good stuff.

  14. I've only seen about $40 a day for supplemental insurance, which is pretty steep. Often, the insurance costs more than the car rental itself. It doesn't seem like a good deal. What about the car rental insurance that some credit cards include as a benefit? Do you have any info about that?

  15. Matt – I've never used Autoslash before. Is it easy to cancel if I find a better deal on my own? I'm assuming that the price they show is the maximum I'll have to pay.

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