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🔴 10 Hidden Mercedes Features – You Didn’t Know About 🔴-Tips & Tricks!

🔴 10 Hidden Mercedes Features – You Didn’t Know About 🔴-Tips & Tricks!

If you press pick-up button twice: one, two –
it will redial your last phone number sorry
all circuits are busy now please try your call again. This and much more! Stay
tuned! The features I’m about to show you, you can find in most Mercedes cars over
the past 10 years Today, I’m gonna show you something new! feature number 10 redial from cluster
83% of people surveyed by us did not know about this feature so here is
Mercedes steering wheel it has buttons on the right side and there’s buttons on
the left side so you can see there is a pickup button for the phone so as I
showed before if you pick up twice it will redial your last phone number
you called, sorry all circuits are busy now please try your call again, but in
order for that to work you have to be in the telephone menu in your cluster, you
see, right now we’re in the radio, on the left side you can change the menu, you see you
can go left and right, so let’s change from radio to telephone audio, navi, trip,
settings, service, driver assist, tel… oops! let’s go back: telephone, so you have to
be in the menu of the telephone, as long as you are in the telephone menu you can
redial just by hitting twice sorry all circuits are busy now please
try your call again message CA, now if you pick up only once instead of two
times just press once it will actually show you last calls dialed, so you can
pick whichever number you’d recently dialed, highlight and then just pick up
and it will call to this person, message CA if you use buttons on the left up
and down instead of pick up then it will just show you entire phone book
alphabetically so you can pick whoever you want and call if you have a newer
model like E-Class – watch this: so right now we can see navigation on the screen but it doesn’t really matter what’s on the screen makes no difference
all you have to do is pick up on your steering wheel once and twice and that’s
it! A wireless carrier does not allow calls to the number you’re dialing we’re
sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. That’s how you redial, that’s how
you redial your latest phone call, but let’s say you want to see your latest
list of phone calls you just pick up once instead of twice you just pick up once
and from any screen it automatically goes and whichever you’d like yeah let’s hang up! Feature number nine!
dial from keypad, 84 percent of people did not know about this feature, so let’s
change screen to a telephone now we can see a telephone on the screen so most of
you know if you if you scroll pick a number and hit enter you can dial number
just like that you highlight number then you hit enter and you continue until you
actually dial the phone number and once you dial the number again you can just
pick up from your steering wheel by hitting pick up button but you can do it a lot faster if your
car is equipped with keypad not every model is equipped with keypad but if
your car has the keypad then it will save you a lot of time and I think it’s
a lot faster than playing with the central controller. Feature number eight:
station dial, eighty-six percent of people did not know about that, so almost
everyone knows when you scroll the central controller you are changing the
station so basically you can find the station you like and just stop and just
listen to this channel but what if you don’t want to scroll you just want to go
straight to the station you know plus sometimes station has bad reception so
the secret button is star you see the star so you hit star and it will open
enter frequency and then you just dial the channel and this works again if your
car is equipped with keypad so you just put nine four seven so if I want to go
to ninety four point seven I just put * 947 it will take me straight to
the station and it will work even if the reception is bad feature number seven keyless windows
rollup 87% of people we surveyed did not know about this feature so most people
we survey knew if you push lock button and point toward door handle it will roll
all windows up, but you have to hold until it closes and it will also close the
sunroof but most people did not know that you can do the same by just holding
the sensor of keyless go right on the door just keep holding until everything
closes including sunroof. Feature number six keyless windows roll down 87% of
people did not know about this again most people knew that if you push unlock
button point toward door handle and hold it will roll all windows down open
sunroof it’s a little more tricky to do it without the key so you have to touch
the sensor and hold for a few seconds and then pull the door handle and it
will roll all windows down open sunroof if you don’t know our next feature we
can assure you the planet is not gonna collapse feature number five
glove compartment cooler 88% of people did not know about this feature if we open front passenger door and
we’ll go for glove compartment you can see right on top of the glove
compartment there is a cooler
so you can open and close, you see if you open it will give you a cold air
and or you can close it if you don’t want to use it but it’s a great feature
if you want to keep something cool like a sandwich, baby milk, drink, vodka or
whatever you got, it may look different in different models, feature number
four camera switch, only ninety percent knew So you know if you put transmission
in Reverse it will automatically switch on rear view camera this particular car
has 360-degree camera but what if you don’t want to put car in reverse you
wanna do it while you drive forward all you have to do there is a button it
looks like a car from settings all you have to do is push this button for a few
seconds hold and it will automatically turn on the camera so you don’t have to
put in Reverse you can still drive but if you drive fast it will turn off the
screen for your safety feature number three for security
two-step unlocking only 92% of people knew if you click unlock button on your
remote obviously it will unlock doors but it will unlock all the doors it will
unlock the trunk and it will unlock gas so for your security sometimes you don’t
want to open everything because somebody can get in so for example when you go to
car wash you only want to open your driver’s door and you want to open gas
so you can reprogram its called 2-step unlocking, so there is a lock
button, there is unlock button, and you have to press them both at the same time
also there is a red light you don’t see it right now but once I start pushing
you will, so you take lock and unlock, hold them together press at the same time and
hold you have to hold until you see two red flashes one two now you can release
it you already reprogram it, now if you hit unlock button it will open only
driver door and gas, everything else will remain locked you can see the rest of the doors would
remain locked and now if you want to unlock all the doors you have to click
your unlock button twice. Feature number two phone presets that 94% did not know
about let’s highlight the name and pick a contact so we can use mouse to scroll
find the contact that we want and then hit enter to pick one now you
can see this guy has more than one phone number you see there are two phones so
let’s say I want to save second one if you look on the right side you can see
the menu looks like a hamburger so because it’s on the right side we
have to move our mouse to the right now this menu will open and you will see
speed dial hit enter and then it says assign speed-dial
preset so right now you can see I don’t have any presets and you can pick this
guy to put from zero to nine so you can put ten some other models have more but
this one has 10 so let’s say I want to put this guy in number 2, I highlight
number 2 I hit enter so Aaron right now is my number two preset there are a
few ways how you can recall him I’m gonna show you a few ways how to do it
if your car is equipped with keypad it’s very easy you just hit number two and
hold until it place a call once it calls then you release it let’s hang up if
your car is not equipped with keypad then you need to use your central
controller to highlight number two because we know this guy’s preset is
number two and as I said you can put 10 and then push controller down and
keep holding until the call is made if you have the newer model like an E-Class
we have separate video I’m gonna put a link below so you can watch it as a
separate video speed dial in the newer models number one feature nobody knew
about except me and four other percent but now you will know I assume you have
a smart phone but for those who don’t we have this hello everyone I’m from your telephone
company always be sure that you have the right number always listening for the
dial tone notice that I brought my finger around until it firmly touched
the finger stop and now I remove my finger and let the dial go back by
itself, failure to bring your finger firmly to the fingers stop with each
pull of the dial may cause you to reach a wrong number, if you do have smart
phone then keep watching and let’s go back to our digital telephone you see
right on the top there is a envelope looks like little envelope it means I
got a text message from someone so in order to get to text message menu we
have to pull we have to pull central controller toward yourself and now you
have additional menu open and you can see there is an envelope right on the
bottom on the right side so we’re gonna scroll to the right to highlight
envelope and then we hit enter so now you can see I have a text message but
this text message is kind of long so I can’t read it
so in order to read it I gotta hit enter again now I can read entire text message but
what happens when you’re driving you don’t want to be reading long text
messages because you can get in the accident so let’s see what’s going to
happen if I open text message while I’m driving
as you can see unless the message is very short you can’t read the whole
hidden while we is in motion so the car doesn’t let you
so what you need to do you need to hit enter again and you will have the
additional menu it says read aloud now we hit enter and the car will read it out
to us text message from Kate London dated June
the second hello I would like to let you know that your dry cleaning is ready for
pickup I will be staying here until 6 p.m. please let me know what time you
will be coming in for pickup thank you this way you can drive and watch the
road while listening to your text message while you drive you don’t want
to text but what you can do instead of read aloud you go in the same menu and
you just hit call sender and it will call back to the person who send you
text so this point this way you can reply fast without texting, I really
would like to know how many features out of 10 did you already know about, or what
features should I demo in my upcoming video please let me know if you like
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