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🌼NAIPO BACK MASSAGER SHIATSU SEAT CUSHION (Heat & Vibration) Rolling Kneading Review 👈

🌼NAIPO BACK MASSAGER SHIATSU SEAT CUSHION (Heat & Vibration) Rolling Kneading Review 👈

hey guys so today I have a neck and back
seat cushion massager to show you that will allow you to bring the spa to your
home office or car all right so this is the Naipo
shiatsu seat cushion massager featuring heat and vibration for your neck back
hips and thighs the 3d shiatsu meeting is designed to imitate a human massage
touch there are eight rolling massage notes that can be adjusted up and down
and there’s an optional heat function as well
this massage cushion has a handheld control with this own resting pocket
right here and offers three levels of vibration to relieve stress in the upper
thighs and hips now on the controller there are two red buttons at the top the
one on the left is for heat the one on the right is to turn the device on and
off on the right of the device it focuses on your back where you can focus
on the your full back or your lower and then there’s an UP button if you want to
hit a specific spot then for your neck there is a circle within a circle where
you can pick which rotation you would like to have your neck need it in and
that goes as well where you can go all the way down and then pick which desired
level up you want to have you can also focus on different areas on your back
and make that a target and you can turn your seat on as well it vibrates and
provides a very nice comfortable vibration for you to sit in alright so
I’m going to turn it on so you know what it looks like in action there we have the neck moving move it
down move it up and back where it’ll work on all of it and if you hear that I did turn the seat
vibration all right so I’m gonna turn heat on
which this parts actually kind of cool you can tell when the Heat’s on because
the balls on the back turn red unlike when it’s not so I am going to sit down and enjoy this
okay so I turned it on and I am using it and I will let you know that this is
very very comfortable I have you know backaches occasionally and right now it
just it feels so much nicer to have something rubbing my back and saying
what the neck is well it it needs and hits the right spots really so what’s
great is if you have a long drive to tech make or take you know you can pull
over use this in the car there is a cigarette lighter adapter
that comes with this so you can massage the so you can enjoy this massage maybe
even fall asleep to it or something as well there’s a 15 minute automatic timer
there’s no button for it it’s automatic so you know just for safety or if you do
end up falling asleep it will turn off this is the Naipo shiatsu chair
cushion massager and it offers a comfortable therapeutic massage please
check the description below to learn out more but learn more about this product
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14 thoughts on “🌼NAIPO BACK MASSAGER SHIATSU SEAT CUSHION (Heat & Vibration) Rolling Kneading Review 👈

  1. I'm too tall for it to get my neck it works my shoulder blades hehe. Also my back is sore today from using it but it did get rid of the tightnes.

  2. I've been searching for this massage chair for some years now. This is what I really need. I am so pleased that Ervin gives a full demonstration. Where can I purchase this, Ervin?

  3. I've tried various Shiatsu
    massagers and they just didn't massage and support my low back good
    enough. My L5S1 disc is mostly degenerated. I bought a Massage Lynx
    Shiatsu massager a couple weeks ago on amazon because it has a bunch
    of massage nodes working all at once to support your whole back. It
    feels more thorough with all those different size nodes working
    together adjustable to a high speed and it supports my low back way
    better! I don't have to use the Massage Lynx for as long as I needed
    to use the others.

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