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溫哥華共享汽車好方便?! 車頂有腳踏車架耶! [Vancouver Car Share evo篇 #3] 溫哥華租車

溫哥華共享汽車好方便?! 車頂有腳踏車架耶!   [Vancouver Car Share evo篇 #3] 溫哥華租車

Are you OK? Do you need help? I have a flat tire, and I don’t have a bicycle pump Oh, where’re you going? I can give you a lift I live next to Costco Can your car carry my bike? Sure! There’s a bike rack on the roof of the car Great! Thank you! This is how it attached Let’s go! All aboard! wow, this car is so cool! Is it yours? It’s not. This is a shared car, you can rent it with a mobile app Oh, a shared car? Where can you rent this car? There’re lot’s of place in Vancouver you can find it and its app will display the home zone you can see where are cars located on the app and the parking lot of EVO. It’s all on the app wow, it’s a lot of place. EVO is convenient Indeed, every time you go out, just clicking the app then you can pick it up gas and insurance are all included in the fee hmm let’s go, then Here we are How EVO charge? It’s 0.41 every minute, if it’s over 36 minutes then it will charge same as an hour Oh, then how do you know you can return the car here? Inside the home zone, like “permit only” “resident only” and “two hours only” parking are all ok to park It’s really happy to meet you today! Thank you! See you, bye bye bye bye Ah, my bike…she’s gone… Hi, I’m Sara The short play is for you to understand the car share company EVO In Vancouver there’re four car share companies They’re EVO, Car2go, Zipcar and modo If you want to know more detail about the detail of other car share system you can refer to the clip I made for intro of car sharing here’s the link EVO is the most frequently used car share We already used 16 times this years every time you go out, we would consider using EVO in winter, we go to grouse mountain pretty often its a famous ski resort in North Vancouver because you can carry snowboard on the rooftop so every time we wen to grouse mountain we would use EVO and you can return car at the entry, so it’s really convenient EVO’s home zone is mostly in Vancouver You can see where to rent and return on the website and app except Vancouver, there are some remote parking like North Vancouver, New Westminster and Grouse Mountain we just mentioned,
YVR airport Metrotown, UBC, BCIT, SFU and Capilano University There’re all have EVO parking lots so you can rent and return on those locations all cars in EVO are Toyota Prius hybrid model and every car has two bike racks and snowboard/ski rack its a 5 seats car you can share a car with your friend when you go out it’s environmental and cost saving You can flat the back seat so if you want to buy more stuffs when you go shopping you will have big space for it you can apply through the website If you have BC license, you need to be above 18 years and you will need N license or above 2 years driving experience, past 3 years driving records also required If you don’t know how to apply to driving record, you can inquiry ICBC ICBC is an insurance company in BC after you have all the required document you can email them to [email protected] after you successfully approved, you will get your EVO card quickly It’s card you can use it to rent a car and you don’t actually need the EVO card to rent you can use the app to rent except above, if you don’t have BC license, you can still apply take Taiwan license for example, you can take copy of it and a 2 years driver record then you can apply for EVO Don’t forget to get English version of both of them they will need English version EVO does suggest to provide international license if you have one after you got the approval, you can start your journey there will be one time register fee 35 cad sometimes they will have some promotion activity when we apply for EVO, it’s a free outdoor movie activity there a EVO tent, you can register for free there so we saved 35 cad! there’re also EVO tent in some activities you can play with a game for free driving credit we got a free one hour driving credit before other than registeration fee, there’s a annual fee 2 cad when you rent a car, you will be charge by minutes, hours or days its 0.41 cad per minute, if you drive more than 36 minutes it will charge by an hour, and it’s 14.99 cad per hour if you drive 6-24 hours, you will be charge by daily rate and it’s 89.99 cad per day don’t forget there’s a 12% sales tax on top of these rate the rental fee include insurance and gas fee you can refuel by yourself and email receipt and car plate to EVO, they will reimburse you open the app, search for cars nearby you can see car plate, walking distance and amount of fuel If it suits your need, click “book the car” will book it car will be hold for you for 30 minutes if you change your mind, you can always cancel it click “unlock” will start your journey don’t forget to check the car condition step the break and hit the power button, you’re ready to roll there’s an home area light to indicate that whether you are inside the home area there’s also a help button to call EVO you can always reach out to them when there’s an emergency don’t forget to put back your key when you return the car except EVO’s parking lot, as long as your are in the home zone you can park at any “permit only”, “resident only” or “two hours parking” parking space but don’t park inside a paid parking space car share is a great service that makes our life easier, we love it! So we would like to share it to you. That’s all for today’s introduction I hope you all will like the experience sharing video like this don’t forget to subscribe my channel and share it Here’s my video for the day, thank you all for watching, see you! Actually we found it’s a bit hard for one person to load the bike and unload it you could use an extra hand for doing this

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  1. 你好,請問一下申請EVO會員,我已經去溫哥華台北經濟文化辦事處申請到英譯本,這個算駕照英文版嗎?我來溫哥華之前有申請中華民國汽車駕駛執照審查證明書,跟國際駕照,這樣就符合資格了嗎?我駕照已經拿到4年了

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