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★業者様専用車輛販売★3944 日産 スカイライン 20GT HR34★Car only be sold to dealers★

★業者様専用車輛販売★3944 日産 スカイライン 20GT HR34★Car only be sold to dealers★

Hello, I’m Abe-chan from Trust Kikaku. Today, Hannah-chan isn’t here, so this video isn’t with English translate. We’ll put English subtitle for this video. Viewers from overseas, please watch this video with subtiles. Today’s vehicle is this nice red SKYLINE HR34. We received a request for the ER34 video, but we are going to show you this HR34 first. But we have lots of ER34, so we’ll make their video, too. Don’t miss them. Let’s start from exterior. Start from front. This red color is “Active Red” color. This HR34 is GT Special Edition. THis active red color is only used for this GT Special Edition car. This car is first registrated on March 2000. Feature point on this car is its Mileage.It is just 30,000Km.(18,641Mi) So, this red color is easy to loose color, but this car is still glossy. Still shinny and glossy. Let’s look into the details. This front bumper is OEM one. The headlight is yellowing. But this headlight has no darkening on clear coating around here. I think if you clean with headlight steamer or some polisher, this headlight can still good to use. Here are additional fog lamps. this lamp has cracks and water drops inside. You can replace these if you like. Overall this is in good condition, but has marks of touch ups here ad has scratches here. These scratches are not so big, so just need some touch ups. This side headlight also has yellowing. This hood is still in good condition, is clean and has glossiness. Having just a little scratches made by stone chip. Very clean. Next is tire and wheel. This car was used only for city riding, so wearing unknown make aluminum wheel and Goodyear studless tire. So the next owner need to prepare new tire and keep this tire for seasonal use. If you replace wheel and tire on this car, the car look will change dramatically. And for your information, size of this tire is 195/65/15. And this front fender, no huge scratches or clear coating peeling. Fender tip also not damaged. Let’s check door and side. This car is 4-door, so the door is long. Start from molding. Molding here is in good condition. But here, this is carbon film has came off around here. And here has damaged on carbon film. You can change this carbon film if you mind these scratches. Very clean. There is no dent or door punch damages. Just has line scratches around here. I can’t find scratches except these slight scratches. Very clean. The place that loosing its color easily is roof. If the owner stored the car outdoor, roof color is loosing easily, but not this car. This car might be stored in garage. Let’s see rear side. This side also the same studless tire. Rear fender also has no rust around here. Fender tip also has no damage. No rust can be seen on inner side like this, too. Inner side of the fender also is very clean. Can you see? like this. Trunk has color fade around here. It looks matte. And around this stop lamp, not yet rusty right now, but painting is partially peeling. Here is rusty a bit. If you get this car, better to repair or remove this stop lamp and close the empty space. And also has this peeling on clear coating. This tail lamp cover is the also the place that loosing its color easily, but this one just need some polishment to get some more glossiness. Has scratches but this one disappear by polishing, here has peeling. Mufflers are normal. On this side, too, there is no scratches on fender and no peeling on painting. No rust, too. Rusty on most cars around here, but no rust on this car. If the car used in snowy places, these area became rusty. But this car is very clean. Here also has damages on carbon film. So if you get this car, you can remove the film or reattach new film here. No scratches on this side door, too. Is this paint drop? No, this is not. Having small touch up like this, but overall very clean and in good condition. No aero parts attached and in fully normal statement. Like this HR34 or ER34 4-door cars are popular for drift lovers. I heard that a D1 driver, Ken Nomura, Nomu-ken make them popular. Let’s see interior. Let’s check interior. Firstly, this car is automatic transmission. So in this instrument panel has indicator for automatic transmission. In used car market, manual transmission cars are popular among street racers and most cars are already customized. But I think it is good to get good condition car like this even it is automatic transmission. You can convert transmission later easily. So it is good to get this car as your base car. OEM steering wheel. This is very clean, no peeling around here and no fray on stitches. In good condition. No color fading, no crack, no warp on dashboard. The board is kept in very good condition. The only aftermarket part is this CARROZZERIA car navigation. The display is placed here. I wonder what year model this is. It seems a bit old. To install this, double sided tape is attached on the dash board. You can change the navigation system as you like. In center console, all the audio things are OEM ones. This is very rare. This is cassette player. 34 cars are latest series in second generation SKYLINEs, I was surprised to know that 34 cars has cassette player. Having CD player too. Cassette tapes are popular again recently. But teenagers may not know about cassettes. This is normal automatic transmission, 4 speed AT. This shift knob looks cool! Doesn’t looks like the one of AT. Shift knob for AT is more bigger in grip part. This is leather knob. No tear or peeling on boot and E-brake lever since this car mileage is just 30,000km. Very clean. Seats are also OEM ones. These seats are OEM ones but, has side support like this. This shows SKYLINE cars are sports car even in this HR34 car. Let’s see rear seats. Rear seat is also normal. No tear or worn on rear seat,too. But has stains and dirt a bit. These ones can be repair easily. 4-door car often have cigarette burns on seat, but not this car. Ash tray on rear side also has not marks of use. Very clean. Floor mat also OEM one. Here also got SKYLINE logo. In very good condition overal. That’s all for interior. Let’s check the engine bay. This car is HR34, the engine is RB20 DE. Non turbo engine. Based on having this NEO 6 cover, this engine is newer RB20DE. This cover makes you think this engine is small, only up to here size, But this engine is also 6 cylinder engine. Engine is huge up to here. Difficult to replace the plug size. The No.1 difference between RB20 and RB25/26 engine is this intake flow. Cross flow and turn flow difference. This engine is turn flow type. This intake manifold piping is over enigne on RB20. Piping is running over the engine, so you need to remove this piping to replace plugs. Since this car is less mileage car, all the piping and like this parts are in good condtion. Still has glossiness. Air cleaner duct and here also in good condition. Compare to RB26, this RB20 engine bay can see the ground from here , and this side , still has space around the turbine. So easier to do maintenance. I already mentioned this on other video, but the checking point on 33,34 cars is this strut tower area. The iron plate became double from 33,34 cars. And the double iron plate prevent from water inside to get out, and cause rust around here. But, this car has no rust at all. In very good condition. Very good. Let’s check the other side, too. Like this. Mostly rust occurs from sealed area like this, This car has no rust at all. This car is in good condition overall. Let’s check car underbody too. This car is normal, so having enough space for camera to take underneath. No dent on jack point. Less rust around here. On main frame, here, has a little rust. Not a big rust. This jack point has dent. Easy to get rust like this part. But if you touch up here, you can stop this area became rusty. This member connecting part on the car used in snowy places often fall off by rust. But this car has no holes and in good condition. Like this area also in good condtion. Let’s see the other side. This side also the same. Jack point has dent and the damaged part has rust. But this panel and connecting spot looks OK. Front side also looks fine. Less rusty. That’s all for engine bay and underneath the car. Let’s go for a test drive! Just started raining but this is a good chance to check the wiper on this car. This is my first time to drive automatic transmission SKYLINE. in all 32,33,34 cars, this is the first AT car. SKYLINE cars are sport cars and enjoy driving by manual transmission is their image, I think. I am now curious about how this AT and NA car is like when I drive. Well, let’s go! This car has no clutch, of course. SKYLINE without clutch. This is new for me. I see. I drove GTR33 AUTECH version in previous video, compare to that car, this car is much lighter. Car body size also feels smaller on this HR34. The car length is long , but feel like small. Started to rain heavily now. Sorry for using wipers. It’s bothering the scenary. Brake works fine. This car is HR34 so one-sided caliper is installed. Still brake works fine since this is non-turbo and the car weight is light. Suspension is normal, and the tires are studless, and their flatness is 65 so very very comfortable. Like I am sitting on a Taxi. I mean this car is not just bumpy but also steering is good. I think this car is very good. Automatic transmission on SKYLINE also good! I always drive manual transmission sport cars like GT-R, Need more energy to drive those car on crowded street. Especially when you are driving a car with reinforcement clutch. This car is HR grade , but use this car for based car and just make exterior for 34 GT-R specification , and keep using this HR NA normal engine, Very good for city ride. Make this car look GT-R, inside is NA AT, good fuel economy and quiet, easy to handle, no worry to drive on crowded street. You can make that dream car with this car. Since this car’s body condition is very good, I was thinking to recommend this car for converting transmission to MT, but I changed my mind, to have AT car like this also good! Like, to have this car as your second car, if you are 34 owner, or good to have this as another car for your family. How about having this , fathers in the world? The color red also catchy, This engine is 2.0L one. RB20DE NA engine has 155 HP. My GT-R is 280 HP, so I thought 155 HP is less powerful, AT is very smooth and quick in starting up compare to the MT driven by unexperienced driver. I think AT fits this car. No problem with torque power, can drive powerfully. I have BNR 32 car and always driving it, My eyes attracted toward SKYLINE cars. 34 is 2 series latest model than 32, And there are so many SKYLINE funs out there, So I believe there must be a person who wants to drive skyline cars for everyday city ride. It is very tired thing to ride GT-R cars everyday for city ride. Since they are poor in fuel economy, and noisy. And sometimes the car nearly stolen. I recommend to have this car. OK, I almost came back to Trust Kikaku. This car is going to be sold on our website. This car can’t import to USA yet, since this is newer car. Domestic customers who are looking for good condition 34 4-door car, this car is MUST BUY! Enough space for family use and this AT car is easy to handle. Please think on this car! That’s all for today’s video. Please look forward to watching next video. If you like this video, give us thumbs-up and subscribe this channel, please. Thank you very much. Bye!

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  1. 流行らせた・・・?

  2. いつも動画投稿お疲れ様です。次のスカイラインも期待してますよ?

  3. 10年くらい前HR34のAT10万で買って33の25乗っけてマニュアル載せ替えて乗ってました!

  4. Well done, & thank you Abe-chan!! Sorry, my Nihongo is basic level, but you are by yourself…….please, is Hannah-chan well & OK?? I really hope so. Wow, I have never seen R34 is this type of configuration, RB20 non-turbo 4door automatic. I knew they existed, but none ever imported to Australia. As you said, would be a good daily driven-type second car. Every time you drive out or enter Trust Kikaku main gate I see that grey coloured Suzuki Cappuccino & my heart skips a beat, I love them!!! Best wishes & happiest thoughts my friend! 🙂

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