شريت فأر تجارب | I bought a beater car

hello and welcome I didn’t upload a video for a while I was in a vacation in Lebanon while I was there I was thinking that I need a beater car a car that I would do all kind of experiments on without worrying about the car and what would happen to it so I started searching used cars websites in Qatar for a cheap car with a budget of 1000-2000 QR I found some cars and contacted their owners but with this budget it is hard to find a decent car without a major issue usually car’s that cost this much the car would have a major engine problem a major transmission problem or it would have an expired registration and it needs a new paint job to pass the inspection though, cars with a decent price and condition get sold within hours when I came back to Qatar I decided that Im going to buy a car and I did and here is how I bought this car I found some cars and I will call their owners first car is a 1999 Honda Civic the listing is 4 months old so I don’t think it is still available you have a Honda for sale ? yes, with expired registration does run and drive ? yes ok, what is your final price 1000 QR Ok I will let you know the only bad thing is the expired registration and I don’t want to go through the inspection process let’s take a look at this Honda City the listing is 3 days old 2002 Honda City with one Kilometer only I think I’m calling in the wrong time it is 3 pm let’s see this Lancer I forgot to ask if it is a manual or an automatic ohh it is a manual, NICE! I’m going to take a look at the Lancer if I can negotiate a good deal on it I will buy it otherwise, I will check out the Civic I called more people than you have seen in the video I made some appointments with other people but they are not answering my calls only the Lancer owner answered my call so I’m heading to check out the car and see if I can get a good deal on it just arrived to the location he sent me and there is the car I think it has a carburetor engine I test drove the car we didn’t agree on a price I gave him an offer he wants to think about it and let me know so now I’m waiting for him to tell me his final decision the first owner of this car is this guy’s uncle his uncle bought it brand new in 1999 then this guy’s father bought it from his uncle then this guy got it from his father and have been using it for 5 years let’s go seal the deal he agreed on my offer the deal is done I bought the car paid him the money and transferred it to my name I’m the proud owner of this little car I’m going home to park my car come back with uber to pick up the Lancer we should name it I’m going to pick up my friend but he doesn’t know that I bought this car and I’m going to pick him up in it come back bro let’s go to the pearl let’s wash the beast it turned it out to be really clean the car is shiny and ready for the Pearl It is a 1999 Mitsubishi Lancer with a manual everything 4 cylinder engine carburetor I think it is a 1.3L 74 horse power when it was brand new I think now it has 15 cats power 5 speed manual transmission which made more interested to buy it let’s fill it up with fuel and see how much it cost 52 Riyals only the car accelerate from 0-60 in 5 days and 3 minutes I almost lost control regarding the safety features it is equipped with none airbags no ABS no traction control no safety features at all but since it barley reaches 100 kmh you don’t need any of that one the luxuries this car has if you don’t feel like using the clutch to get the transmission out of gear you don’t have to also if you don’t feel like using the clutch to up shift it is all good let’s do a quick walk around the car for stability and handling purposes it is equipped with rusted 13″ wheels dressed in mixed brands of tires this one is Merage the one on the passenger side is Onyx this one is Pirelli and this one is Lucsan this is original paint never been repainted before the person who didn’t paint the car did a really great job by over spraying all the weather sealings and door handles so nobody would know that it was repainted since the engine is a high performance it needs a lot of air jut like the Dodge Demon the Demon is equipped with headlight intake rings so the engine is supplied with enough air Dodge copied this idea from my Lancer as you can see here there is a huge hole in the bumper so the engine would suck as much air possible for the best performance the car is equipped with a very high tech entertainment system that doesn’t work and only lights up to entertain the driver and make sure they don’t fall asleep the most important part is the heart and the soul of the car I bought this car for experiments and to break it apart these things doesn’t really matter I just wanted to show you the car you will see crazy experiments on this car I want to know what kind of experiments you would like to see that you haven’t see done on a car before this is our new project see ya the 74 hp is no joke

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