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سوالف صناعية + شرح مراوح الكهربا | car talks + electric fans

سوالف صناعية + شرح مراوح الكهربا | car talks + electric fans

Hello & welcome Today, I will be talking about the electrical fans and when you should install them. Thanks for the people who shared their experiences in the comments They explained how they use the car and what their cars are As long as that video and the various comments are on YouTube, people will still get advantages of them. If you shared your experiences, people who have the same issues will get benefit from your comments. What I want to say is neither the electrical nor the mechanical fans are better than each other. Each one has a different use Your money will not be wasted if you use it in the right place and in the right way Because you didn’t listen to the different theories people made I had an awful experience with the electrical fans In special cases only A friend of mine has a Nissan Patrol 2 doors and it has 3 or 4 electrical fans installed in it In the city, the cars works perfectly and you can keep it working for 4 hours without being overheated But it gets overheated whenever he goes to the desert That means electrical fans are useless for off-roading But useful in the city We removed the electrical fans and replaced them with its original mechanical fan The problem of overheating in the desert has been solved and it worked perfectly in the city What should I do in this situation if I go off-roading every week? The companies that make the electrical fans tp sell the and get profit say… If you have 4-core radiator or bigger , use a mechanical fan instead of the electrical ones They also advice you to use mechanical fan if you tow with your car If the companies that want to get profit from you are advising you to use a mechanical fan in those circumstances, why everyone is using electrical fans? Most people say that electrical fans are better even though they don’t know why they’re better and when they should be used That’s your point, depending on your experience or you heard about it? Look how an individual in China who has the Coronavirus infected many people all over the world Your comment can affect many people like the Chinese individual who infected many people Don’t underestimate the effect of the advice you’re giving if it’s not true Some people are talking like they are the only people who live on the Earth One guy replied to comments and said that the electrical fans won’t stop if they break because there 2 fans and one them will keep working Another one said that he drove for 1700 km while one of the fans was not working In the summer, I was driving a Camry that has 2 electrical fans and one of them stopped working The fan was melted because of the heat and broke the other fan The car stopped and I had to return home walking If you didn’t have an issue with something, that doesn’t mean that this issue doesn’t exist There are people who have different cars and have that issue That was happening when people were using forums Now, we have YouTube and the comments will not disappear Sometimes we check the forums for solutions for the old cars These videos and comments will stay for the future That diesel engine! I came to the GMC dealer just to see the Sierra Denali Diesel The dealer gave me the key and told me to take it, try it, do whatever I want to do, and return it back in one piece He said: “Floor it when you reach 40mph” This Sierra has a mechanical fan Because it has a diesel engine It has almost 1000 lbf∙ft It has a mechanical fan twice bigger than the one on my Yukon If there is an issue with your car, check it and fix it before you modify your car If you have a problem with the AC, check the AC system before adding or changing fans A Chevy Suburban 2001 model 8100 engine has overheated in the summer The car has an original mechanical fan, original radiator, original thermostat, and 2 extra electrical fans between the grille and the radiator I checked it and found out that the cooling system is too old and the parts are too old The fan clutch was not making any sounds even when the car’s temperature is getting higher I changed the fan clutch, but the problem wasn’t solved The cooling system was too old and should be serviced When I wanted to remove the water pump, I found out that the water lines of the radiator in the engine are closed The water was barely going in the engine The owner and his brother cleaned the water lines 7-8 times and installed a new thermostat The problem was solved The temperature stayed normal in all the circumstances Check the cooling system before modifying or doing any changes The air goes through these holes to this box This box filters the air from any leaves or water Then it goes to the air intake The diesel engine should be hot and the air should be too cold to give the best performance Hot engine and cold air The diesel depends on the compression, there are no spark plugs Cold air and hot engine I can’t eliminate the thermostat from this car Another car I had… Its story is awesome Jeep Wrangler 2001 In the summer, while I was driving on the high way, I looked at the temp. gauge and it was abnormal Everything in the car was perfect In the night, the temperature was normal When I bought the car, I installed a racing filter Not original filter, a hand made one A cheap made intake I reinstalled the original air intake and I never the overheating problem anymore The intake was sucking all the heat from the engine, heating the 45-50°C air that is coming from outside, and delivering it to the engine The hotter the air, the lower the oxygen levels The lower the oxygen levels, the less combustion in the machine The engine was killing itself to maintain working even though the air hitting it and entering it was too hot I was burning the engine because of that cheap air intake Check the cooling system first, then if you still have a problem in the cooling system, you can do some changes to it “You still have fans?” You are always in a hurry There are 2 kinds of electric fans, ones that push air and others that pull air If we flipped the wires of this fans, it will pull air instead of pushing it Some kinds require you to flip the blades and the wires They have a lock in the middle, you can remove it to flip the blades The one that pulls air should be installed between the radiator and the engine Like the original ones I removed The ones that push air should be installed between the radiator and the grille There are fans that push and pull, others that pull only, and others that push only Don’t try it at home! Just want to show you how it works Now it’s pushing air Flip the wires Now it’s pulling air Now it should be installed between the radiator and the engine The straight blades like these are stronger, work better, and make a higher sound The one I installed has curved blades How can I choose the best fan for my car? When the fan is big, it will blow more air to the radiator and the engine will cool down Big fans with high efficiency require more power from the car The battery charging system could easily reach its limit and dynamo will stop charging the battery Each battery has limit of CFM and current You shouldn’t always install the biggest parts I’m keeping this topic for the electricians The electrician will check the dynamo and the battery, then he will tell me weather I can install that part or not The factories know that you will do some changes in the car, so they add 10-20 amps If the car has electrical fans from the factory, that doesn’t mean the dynamo can handle more fans or other kinds of fans In the past, people used to install Maxima’s fans on the old Nissan Patrol with the Nissan VTC’s dynamo If you have a Land Cruiser and with electrical fans and you have that problem, you can check the Lexus dynamo Because Lexus has many techs, its dynamo could handle more load If it fits in your car without restorative, install it Lexus dynamo could fix your problem if it is installed correctly without using tapes, home connectors, and weird things Some cars come from the factory with 2 fans, one is pulling and the other is pushing air because there is no space for 2 fans next to each other If those fans are essential, they should cover 70% of the radiator You should measure the area of the radiator and the fans, the fans should cover 70% of the radiator Some people asked me why I didn’t install a SPAL fan instead of this SPAL is the best and strongest fan ever; that’s why it needs too much power Maybe some of the viewer have no SPAL in their cities, so I brought a simple solution that everyone can do You can install an aftermarket parts, but the wiring is the most important part The should be connected perfectly not with tapes and weird connectors There are many ways to connect the fans wires weather they’re essential or extra fans If this Yukon came from the factory like that and I want to install electrical fans, how can I do it? Some American vehicles has connectors in the fuse box to connect the fans to the ECU It requires an expert Some companies that make fans provide a sensor to start and stop the fans at a specific temperature If your doesn’t come with electrical fans, you can use a sensor for the fans Please don’t connect them directly to the battery The third way is for the extra fans Or if you have 2 fans and you want to separate them Some people connect the fans to the AC compressor. When it is turned on, it sends a signal to the relay to start the fan There is another way, but it needs attention It needs a one who keeps checking the engine temperature and doesn’t forget to turn the fan off Or if you tried another setup on your vehicle, type it in the comments below to add value to this video The electric fans are for the normal use in general Even if you use your car for normal off-roading and the temp. stays normal, you don’t need to do any changes If you drive your car normally in the city and you don’t go up on the mountains where the oxygen levels are low, you don’t need to change the fans The guys and I always go through the mountains to Khor Al-Adeed, where we drive on low speeds and high RPMs That’s why we need mechanical fans If you don’t drive your car on the mountains like us and most of your driving is straight, then you don’t need mechanical fans In general, if you drive normally in the city in the traffic, the electric fans are better If you have no overheating issues at all, forget everything I said Relax and save your money for other changes in the car At the end, I would like to tell you something Since I came to the states, I wanted to buy a car’s headlight and build a car from it I made this fans and transmission cooler setups many many times I want a new project When I was in Qatar, I found a Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup in my neighborhood I asked all the neighbors about this car because I wanted to start up the engine to make a video for you Now you know the situation When everything gets better, I will start a new project that you will like I just want you to wait Thanks and see you later

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