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اشتريت سيارة في دبي ! (حققت حلمي وعمري ١٦ سنة !!!)

اشتريت سيارة في دبي ! (حققت حلمي وعمري ١٦ سنة !!!)

This is MY CAR
I swear this is my car What are you doing? It’s my car! I swear
this is my car! 365 days of Dyler Salam Alikom, this Dyler in a new video
Let’s see if we can make this video reach 200 K Likes Today is the 3rd day of
the “365 days of Dyler” series If you’re new and you have no idea
what’s going on go watch the last two videos I posted Before I begin the link for my T-shirts store is
in the description below 50% of earnings go to a cancer charity For those who asked about Snapchat This is my Snapchat, add me! So you could see my daily vlogs and the weird things
that happen and don’t make it into my vlogs Dyler, 3rd day!
what happened? Today I decided to buy a Bentley
for the gang! honestly I want to reward them
because they work hard with me and they help me with the editing and everything and by the way, I am the one who edits my videos
and no one has edited any of them so far but because they stay up late with me just because I haven’t finished editing Of course, as soon as I finished the last vlog,
I started shooting the 3rd vlog. so it was around 6 am and Nawaf
and I stayed up editing our videos and this happened Welcome, breakfast! Gooooood Morning!
We didn’t get any sleep at all – We’re so exhausted
– We were editing – That’s ’cause we’re posting everyday
– Yes, Everyday, YOUTUBE! The lovely breakfast, of course ignore Pepsi and 7up – But we’ll keep going, it’s okay
– Yeah we will We have WAAFFLESS and this is the… waffle syrup and Nutella If I just got a little close like this You’ll feel like you’re melting – and some people are asleep
– yeah they’re not as awesome I don’t know what’s better the breakfast or the company Aww, thank you And after that we went to bed at 8 am
can you imagine! 8 am! I woke up at 11:45 am! and I had a meeting to catch at 12 am! and praise be to Allah I was able to catch it. Good morning… or good evening. I just woke up Our friend here is still asleep the dude slept over. Fahad is still asleep. I’m late for the vlog editing can you imagine I haven’t finished it till now. Now I have a meeting
with a very big company So, I’ll change quickly and…
Yalla! That day was a day of
nothing but meetings I had 3 meetings with 3 big companies. at the same time there was an honoring ceremony
that I was invited to but I couldn’t go. Becuase they didn’t invite Nawaf
and if they didn’t Nawaf I’m not going ANYWHO After we finished meetings I went back to Nawaf
and told him that I have a surprise for him Of course no one of the gang knew. So I surprised Nawaf with the Bentley! Okay guys, I just returned from the meeting Nefo was with me. I’m kidding, look he’s just sitting there,
eating chips. I’m hungry. Of course today there will be
some amazing activities Today, I’ll show you the other side
of Dyler’s luxurious li… Look the autofocus is on you and I’m…
focus on me! here! Yeah. of Dyler’s luxurious li… who drank coffee?! – Which idiot just drank coffee and just left it here?
– Fahad. Truly an idiot. – I have a surprise for you.
– Really? Well, it’s not really for you,
it’s for me… but it’s a surprise. – So you mean I’ll be surprised
– You’ll be surprised. – Okay, when?
– Now. – Yalla
– Yalla – Ready?
– Yalla, what’s up? Fahad? Have you told Nefo? No, no I didn’t tell anyone. – I’m sorry for the prank yesterday..
– You’ll pay for it. – Oh!
– Don’t do it again I’m gonna show you today! I swear I’d close the door – There is no lock
– True, there is no lock… Yalla. Yalla. Walk Hey, If you prank me I’ll show you! It’s not a prank Hop in. – No way…
– Get in the car Whoaaaaaaa!! The Bentley is off the hook! – Aziz is this for real?
– What’s up with you? Wow… God bless. Today I’ll spoil you guys – You’ll take us for a ride?
– I won’t drive, Fahad will ’cause I don’t have a liscince – Wow… How did you buy it?
– How I got it? – Seriously, how did you get it?
– From YouTube’s money. – What do you want? Pepsi?
– Soda – You can’t have a soda
– Yes a soda in my Bentley, yeaaah No you have to drink Redbull or something you know Gimme a… kiss Cutie! I want… What do you think of the color? It. Is. Fire! – Listen, listen!
– What? It used to help me cut classes Oh yeah tru… Shut up! It’s a secret! *inaudible* He got us the drinks so we could PAR-TYYY Yalla, come on Nefo, get in. What’s thisss? Really, what is it? – It’s for the AC
– I don’t know It looks like a space shuttle,
it has a button here and… Guys
and Gals… This car
is Fire! And we’ll use it to go.. cruising
– to drift let’s go cruising , I’m wearing a nice outfit,
and Nefo’s wearing a nice outfit and we’ll go cruising Look at me guys
THIS IS MY RIDE I SWEAR THIS IS MY CAR What are you doing? I swear it’s my car Fahad Today you’re the pilot! Listen do you remember when you used to take us in your old car, now you’ll drive us in a Bentley – My ketchup-colored car
– Yeah it was amazing this one is ketchup-colored from the inside. Let’s go cruising ♪♪ ♪
♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ After that I took the gang and went to Dubai mall
to cut my hair Guys we’re now here in Dubai Mall
with Nefo and Fahad How was the ride? Exquisite. – But my little Ketchup car is better.
– Your Ketchup car is better. Now I’m going to get a haircut
’cause my hair is looking really terrible

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