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ازاى تعرف العربيه اللى تناسبك ؟

ازاى تعرف العربيه اللى تناسبك ؟

Peace, mercy and blessings of God Dear viewers everywhere
You are welcome in a new episode of Come drink tea The episode I am working with is specific For people who want to see and know the car prices I do not know buy new or used If I buy new, I will buy my nation
If I buy a user, I will buy my nation What procedures do you use when purchasing the user? All this we will know, God willing, in his ring today Of course And you are still holding the association Or a budget factor, so you can buy the car yourself Your brain starts to answer and respond A thousand doors open And weighing on ravines, dear viewer, is a matter of magic What did you know that the money leaving the brain working? The important
You will meet with two options Buy a new car and get lost I don’t buy a used car and get lost
Dear viewer Let me tell you at the time that your decision will not be of your brain, of course You must take the opinion of the people around you And you come on the internet looking, revolving and meeting me about Welcome dear viewer enlighten and God Welcome to the humble studio The important thing is to return to our topic
Here, the people around you are divided into two teams The first team with us today, and countries who love new cars They love the fabric smell Live the new experience de Go and print, distribute, ride, walk and live Neither a mechanic of conciliation, nor an unobtrusive solution
This team is almost With him, a working car, with a wheeler
He didn’t want his brain to hurt Almost everything he says is present
As for the second team and their logo On your mat may extend your legs He says no no no no With new money I answer two cars and turn them on Uber and no company, and I answer money Danta with the money with you, she will answer a better car Its category is higher than what you are thinking about And Volan shows you a car
And a car needs you And our beloved here is with him a car And a new flash, because your money is blazing in the air Dear beautiful viewer, you do not know You brain is broken
Statistics say 70% of those who secretly marry their ranks I do not have any argument from home No job, no travel, no tourism Even the prayer, he prays at home
man of a good will He says it going to answer his paper in the middle I look like I will be with you galash Now my face is with the advantages and disadvantages of the user and the new Which one suits you best, may your circumstances
Instead of answering a bad need or a need, your eyes will come out We are not missing, uncle a. We’d buy a car
I am aware of the great market prices Who is on the planet Olex from Mars? Alien Pestro from there Think about it, this is propaganda Would we try to provide anything The important One of the advantages of the new car is that it is guaranteed for a large used car It means a counter that has not been played in it I want a text I want a quarter other than
Poll data Pay violations / licenses conducted
In the end, it is possible to meet Arabic North So, be careful, and you buy the car To have a lawyer with you Many things, dear viewer, I don’t want your brain to hurt her I don’t want your brain to hurt her
You are leaving your brain

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