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Получаем автомобиль в Orcar AutoReisen на Тенерифе \ Receiving the car in AutoReisen to Tenerife

Получаем автомобиль в Orcar AutoReisen на Тенерифе  Receiving the car in AutoReisen to Tenerife

Ser Ezhkin Cat Presents Hello everybody! This is a continuation roller
where we reserved a house a rental car. I’m after a trip gigabytes
video I filmed on this amazing island
Tenerife. I decided to continue with this
video because it is possible this movie to anyone
already it can be useful. To visualize
presentation for the upcoming trip. Later I do the rest
Video of docks and transplants beaches and so on. I think it will be interesting. We Arrive by plane
Ryanair at the second airport Tenerife Reina Sofia Sout. So far, under the silvery
wing – the Atlantic Ocean. But the archipelago is already near. After baggage claim,
if it was, go to the kiosk rent a car Autoreisen. From far away already seen their green
advertising. Many came directly to
window, but we cheated a little and go out into the hall. we come
to the window on the other side. We are first. As you can see, the airport is very
many rental companies. Goldcar still there. I somehow their representation
at the airport Online Have not found. So, we have a window. Here I am not the first time. It is surprising that a passport
not even needed. It shows only driver
identity. They said that I have a positive
reputation. Apparently, they exist
what is the privilege of flawless ride. Quickly execute all documents. It took about 2 minutes. Dali package with the scheme as a
find cars in the parking lot. The package lease agreement
translated into 3 languages Spanish and English
German. Cost rental for 10 days
as well as a reservation in the 79.39 euros no additional charges
and the cost of gasoline. Just need to drive cars
with the same amount gasoline as received. Paper with carbon paper on the case
Accident. Information:
The key is to be transmitted in the hands of the representative Autoreisen
SL or accredited personnel. When parking the car,
Do not leave things in the cabin car. The document on insurance
Spanish, English and German are the steps
after the accident. You need to call the police
and tell what happened and start carefully fill
document which has blueprint. Give a copy of the second
party to an accident if it is if you want to as far as possible
have more accident witnesses take their phone number,
names and where they live. For any questions call
AutoReisen in the airport office Los Rodeos or Reina Sofia. Also there is a free map
the island of Tenerife Perl Company with their shops,
where they sell pearls and articles thereof. Exit the building. Heat the birds are singing. Well, with the arrival! Here, everywhere there is a non-intrusive
AutoReisen advertising. You thought so too? Even at pedestrian crossings. Go under the scheme on the envelope. That’s our number. Wow! 42? Picasso? What would you understand why
we are so excited, who did not look past videos
show – we ordered SEAT Ibiza Class C for 79.39 euros
for 10 days and got Citroen Picasso Class H standing
124.14 euros for 10 days for the same money. Wow! I make a display picture. And the amount of fuel mileage. It for yourself, just in case.
it will be interesting to see Prev much during
rent. Total mileage is
136,613 kilometers. 2 8 gasoline tank with a document
match. local time 9:35 am
26 degrees Celsius air temperature. Here we go! In order not to bore you with the trip
– including speeding up the playback. We leave from the parking lot. Now we need to get
on the Autopista – so called the main road of the island
Tenerife. Take the road to the south of the island. Along the way, you need to call and
buy food. On Sunday, from supermarkets
works only network Hiper Dino Also, some products can be purchased at gas stations. The nearest shop with a convenient
It is a stop on the way in Siam Moll, next to Siam Park. To help you provide the full
the way will appeal to the Google map. This is an island. In the airport we arrived. And here is the Siam Moll. I want to warn travelers:
Do not leave in a car valuables unattended! Only a tourist flown
very noticeable for the professional look. I was not able to do
video, as I handed the car. Firstly, there was a dark southern
night when we went to the airport. Second, I was at a loss,
that AutoReisen kiosk is closed. But I have a photo of the display with the number of
petrol. He surrendered with little more than position. The mileage on the odometer
137 259 km. Total we wound 646 km
the island. Usually I put the car on
free parking, a memory the place I go to rent a car to give
keys. I say or show to
smartphone with the number of photos fuel, parking and room
and Adios! Ceychas the kiosk was night
closed. And all who came to take
Machinery for the men were 10, just left them in
cracks in the window behind the bar. That’s all. Although there! Still a lot of videos about the beaches,
travel and so on. The journey has just begun! In a short time I will try
do the rest. Who has not been signed – press
on the cat! Till! My news YouTube recommendations Subscribe to my RSS feed Meow!

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18 thoughts on “Получаем автомобиль в Orcar AutoReisen на Тенерифе \ Receiving the car in AutoReisen to Tenerife

  1. круто. спасибо. Ищу попутчиков на Тенерифе 2018 февраль – март

  2. а кабриолетик можно на день два снять для видео фото ? Что по чем интересно ?

  3. Спасибо, отличный обзор! Как раз ищу всю информацию по аренде авто перед поездкой в конце сентября. Пока видел обзоры с авто аналогичного класса за 25-30 евро за сутки. Дешевле брать не советовали, т.к. много подводных камней.
    Поэтому есть несколько вопросов:
    – взяли ли с вас депозит, и сколько?
    – были ли какие-то штрафы по аренде? (мало ли)
    – ну и, главное- обошлась ли аренда в ту сумму, которая была указана на сайте?

  4. Добрый день! Спасибо за обзор! Мы тоже в сентябре собираемся на Тенерифе и решили арендовать авто. Хотелось бы уточнить один вопрос: я слышала, что когда арендуешь авто есть еще какие то страховки: например страховка на царапины, страховка от угона, разбитое стекло и т.д. Когда Вы брали машину, в аренду входили какие нибудь страховки? Заранее спасибо за ответ.)

  5. Очень интересное видео! Огромный лайк от друзей! Пожалуйста заходите к нам в гости, будем очень рады!

  6. Прекрасное видео! Отличный канал! Благодарю! Вс-е-м дружба! Ждем всех в гости! –18

  7. Скажите, когда брали машину у сикар и плюскар, кредитная карта нужна или можно все налом?

  8. Жаль упустил важную информацию об оплате нал и картой и залоге. В материковой Испании блокируют не малую сумму на карте.

  9. здравствуйте ! классный обзор . Можно спросить : нужно оплачивать кредитной картой , или Debit тоже пойдет ? спасибо

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  11. Права международные (книжка) требуются в Orcar? Или достаточно российских нового образца?

  12. Спасибо за обзор, очень много полезной информации!

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