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История игрушки (ENG subtitles)

История игрушки (ENG subtitles)

Hi everybody! This car is not sold in LEGO stores! But where did it come from? 4 years ago we decided to make a small SUV from LEGO bricks so it could drive outside as well as on the floor. We had to buy some extra parts and as a result, the little car climbs easily the clay hills gets out of pits, jumps happily on the boards and it does not get stuck in the leaves and grass. It is radio-controlled and in this video we’ll tell you what is inside. There have been 10 versions of this car for the last 4 years… But, let’s start from the very beginning. A flash back to the January 2016. Boris had an excavator, but he got tired of it quickly. And he assembled this simple rider from a motor and an accumulator. It was a great ride… on the parent brains. Boris! I decided to invest the efforts into something more peaceful and we tried to assemble an electric car during the holidays. We took a remote control and a receiver from an old train. A traction motor, a switch and a battery pack were in a standard kit of power functions 8293. And here is the result 4 years later! But it all started with a Rider 2.0. Now it was operated by the remote control and no longer from the switch. But it took us long to teach it how to turn the wheels! An ordinary motor did not fit because of its features. It just broke out everything! Testing, improving, testing… Like in a real car industry! We found a new servomotor online. It turns out that some people buy original LEGO kits and split them to sell components separately. What a business idea! The new motor really helped, everything was held firmly, but sometimes the wheels jammed. Later on, we figured it out! We used a slipping gear. It took us long to set up the gear ratio. First, we tried 1:1. Finally, the leading gear was working fine with 8 teeth and the driven gear with 24 teeth. As soon as we taught the frame to ride, a car body studio joined the project. It is very convenient to sort parts by color and type. And here is one of the first bodies. The receiver sticks out behind ridiculously. That’s because inside the body it didn’t catch a signal well. This brutal concept car managed to pass the first test. It dragged the trailer onto the sofa! And the name was born. SMC. Sofa Monster Company. Everyone was happy. The concept-car could become a production model. 7 speeds forward and 7 reverse speeds. Rear-wheel drive without a differential. The turning angle was small. But as for the standards of the winter of 2016, it was a breakthrough. Boris spent hours mastering his driving skills. He didn’t hit the wall anymore, he parked the car under the bed at night. Seems like the end of the fairy tale. But the very first ride on the grass ended in failure. Therefore … a real SUV was purchased for creative inspiration. We immediately drove it into the garage and studied the transmission. But it became clear, that petrol cars made of steel differ greatly from the plastic and electric ones. Therefore we had to invent everything by ourselves. We just added a second motor! The designers simply loved the round headlights and three days later the first restyling came out. It had a double power unit. Now we’ll show the difference using the last generation of the model. That’s how it drives with one engine. It simply stops… And now with two engines! There were some funny moments during the tests. Our creative search continued. There were short-based and long-based versions, a van and a tricycle. And after watching a car racing movie, and idea to make a quick version came to our minds! November 2018. The second generation came out with smooth wheels, low clearance and other gear ratios. Then the car was equipped with a second remote control and a separate receiver for the lights. This has been working up to now. And here is our know-how! When we hid the infrared receivers under a thin transparent plastic, then signal loss got minimal. The long-awaited appliances were installed in the cabin. But it did not help the test-driver. Fortunately, the accident did not affect the car. The quick version performed well on perfectly smooth surfaces. But on the carpet, at the slightest ascent the traction was already lacking. For Russian conditions this way was a dead end. Did we have to remake everything? Not everything. We have studied thoroughly Lada’s experience. Lada is a version of the European Fiat model adapted for Russian roads. We have reinforced the car body increasing ground clearance, and have installed powerful under-body protection. Also, we have increased the angles of entry and descend. The battery compartment has much better access. Now it is smooth from above. One can open it easily and it can be held in an open position. A separate refinement was required for the steering. We removed the slipping gear and rigidly fixed the second end of the steering shaft. The battery compartment is now compact, designed for 6 AAA batteries. We charge them in batches of 4 and 2 batteries for about 2 hours. It’s enough for one hour’s drive. Or for a half-hour in off-road conditions. The batteries have been working for 4 years! Also there are 3 AAA batteries in each remote control. One charge is enough for a year of work. The result was a cool home-made car for playing outside! We’ve shown you how to make the simplest working electric car from LEGO bricks, shared the main difficulties and our solutions. Now we’re thinking over a 4-wheel drive model and suspension. So, go on and try making your version! Well, if it’s hard to repeat everything, but you really want to have such a car then especially for you we placed an application on the LEGO Ideas portal. If our SMC model gains 10,000 likes, then the LEGO company will consider this model for production, and who knows, it may be released for everyone to buy! You can support our application to LEGO by clicking on the link in the description. Subscribe to the channel in order not to miss the future videos! See you soon!

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  1. В детстве я тоже любил конструировать подобные двигалки 🙂 вот только с запчастями туго было в 90 х и с финансами 🙂

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