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Будва, Черногория – первые впечатления! Сложно ли снять жилье с собакой? Такса Дин в Евротуре ч.7

Будва, Черногория  – первые впечатления! Сложно ли снять жилье с собакой? Такса Дин в Евротуре ч.7

Its rainy weather. Yes, Bunny? David Blaine, street magic! This is the New Year’s heaven of every Russian! Tangerines grow right on the tree! What do you think about this? And over there are tangerines. Micro tangerines. – Here we are, we’re moving here. We go down there.
-There and left. Well, as you know, arrive here was not the most difficult. Now we need learn how to live here. So, what’s the first? We will… I’m a slowpoke. We will purchase SIM cards. We will star from the purchase of SIM cards to be with the Internet, because last week without the Internet in the smartphone, with these useless bricks was an uncomfortable! The thunder rumbled so hard at night – simply unrealistic. Even me, with my good healthy childhood sleep, woke up several times. And Din was fine: he also woke up, but was not afraid, nothing. He just could not understand what was happening. How did we find something without geographic information systems it is decidedly incomprehensible. At hotel we even looked on the map where we should go, but we still can’t find it. – Its so nice! Very warm!
– Yes, it’s hot in my jacket.
– I’m ok in a sweater. The grass is still green. -Search to no avail.
– We’re still without the Internet.
-And without a connection, yes. Oh, Mtel is right at Idea supermarket. We walk round and round, it turned out that mobile shop was in a supermarket, where we were going to come a little later. Super. – Yes, we will not call much.
– You can use WhatsApp, Viber. (Speek Russian too) -Yes, yes, yes, get this. – Tell me, can I pay by phone?
– Sure.
– Excellent! -Use?
-Yes, yes. 100 Mbps! Great at all. Take a look. 110 Mbps. And for outgoing? Super super. Well, the Internet is super. -That’s interesting: did someone win in our column “Guess the name of the hotel where we will live.”?
-I think no. So, Hotel “Moscow! Symbolically, huh? Listen, why is it so warm? Open it! We are going to watch the first apartment. – Everything turned out to be not so simple.
-Well yes. As in the case of hotels, as soon as you talk about a dog half… Even not a half, 2/3 of the apartments are not allow. They say that they will not let us into a bright apartment. But we need a bright apartment to shoot videos. Today we’ll probably see one or two apartments. But 1 for sure, the 2nd – it is not clear, they can not get through there. -Everything’s fine.
-And did he confirmed?
– Yes, everything ok. What observations have we made regarding Budva, compared with the cities that we traveled before: Supermarkets are work until 11 pm. From 8 am to 23 pm. But on Sunday, nothing works except gas stations and bars. Therefore, on Sunday we need to stock up on food in advance. And so, everything is very clean, warm: +17 C (62,6 F) now. While we really like it. While we like everything, the most important thing is to find a good apartment. -We are always adventurous.
-Yes, we’re going to watch the first apartment and it’s on such a tough mountain. Wow. it’s difficult to get here by car, but on foot it will be completely impossible. But the view is gorgeous from here. We looked the 1st apartment and this is one of those options when on pictures everything looks worse than in reality. It happens. Actually quite spacious apartment, not bad. The only thing that turns out is its drawback – it is on the mountain. – Well, yes, wherever you need to get, even just go to the store, buy some water …
-O nly by car. Yes, only by car, and it will be necessary later to go down to see where is nearest supermarket. -Idea is here to the left, not far.
-Ah yes? – But the view…
– The view is gorgeous. -But you can go in for sports and run in the mornings: down the mountain and up the mountain.
– No fitness room is needed, yes.
-Free gym. Now we’ll shoot what we had in mind when we said that the house is on a mountain. Shoot right now. A stunning view. Now shoot straight! we are standing, waiting for the manager who will show us the apartment. Here is much better the place. But for the price, everything is the same. The downside is that we need to pay one-time for all months. (3 and half months) Yes, the problem is that you need to pay a one-time fee for all months of residence. But, if we like it, then we’ll come up with something, right? We will save money and starve! Ah, it’s the other way, oh. I turn on the light. Yes. Probably I see this appartaments on the booking, I remember a picture of Paris. See, a spacious apartment, like that one, is just more compact. Well yes. -And what the price, the same or more?
– I think it is 50 euros per month more expensive. In general, we looked at the 2nd apartment, of course it is much better. They showed us several at once. But the one we stopped at is much better: – place is better, view is better, condition …
-It’s better.
-it’s better. -Well, they used more expensive materials when they make it.
-Well yes. – There are a big table, a sofa – there is where to sit. It costs 600 euros a month.
– And we have to pay for all months. But we agreed that we will pay part and the rest after the 23rd of December, when we receive money from YouTube. Something like this. What I liked: the man did not begin to impose, he said, “You think. You do not have to agree to anything at once. Think over everything.” – Yes, a very nice guy – Milos.
– He speaks good Russian. Although the Montenegrin himself.
– Really excellent. -We’ll keep thinking.
-We’ll keep thinking, yes. In general, we looked at the apartments and are going to eat something. We will probably go to the old town, find some cafe and sit there. The construction here is going on, everything is under construction, under construction. -Oh my?
-Come on. Suddenly, yes? Yes. We you walk here? Thanks. It was rough! Wow!!! See how clear the water is. In general, everything is visible. Writing “Kissing area”. We need to changing places. Well, it’s like our khachapuri. Cool. Want to taste? Yes! How much did we spend? 1,5 + 1,5=3 Euros. -Wanted to sit in some kind of cafe, but in the end they bought street food anyway, right? Then sat on the street.
-Yeah. Well, I’m not very sorry, because it’s very tasty. -And beautiful.
-And beautiful, yes. And warm, everything is super. Look carefully, see this shines – this is a hotel, and this, to its left, is a little white – this is the house where we now looked at the apartment. And where are we considering renting an apartment. – Yes, how many of you are here!
– Actually, this is a city of cats. – How many of you are here!
-What is big, huh? And a broken eye. Do you guys skip us? Skip, thanks. Comrades. Did he come, take your place? How dare he? You worked, huh? The unstoppable paws worked. He came, probably spend time on Facebook. Bunny, he is doing something there. Something in your video! Do you think we needed clothes? We need a props! Today is Saturday, December 14th. Din’s food suddenly endув. But we knew that it would end soon. Today, in general, the shooting of a new video ended, we did not shoot backstage, because the video will be about the hotel room. Our hotel room is not so large to accommodate all equipment. Therefore, we had such chaos during the filming, which is even a shame to show you. – Generally always like that!
– No, not always like that, just the room is very small. In Poland, it was very decent. Signs in Montenegro are not particularly creative. They are very far from the Czech Republic. -Its angular. See the corners?
-See see. Wow, do you have slanting eyes? Beautiful, beautiful. Look at the prices. It turns out Royal at 14.60 for 2 kg. Acana – 36. Farmina – 1.5 kg. for 16,60. Look, Bunny. Look what a beauty. Look look. Look! Oh what is that? What is it? What is it? What is it? Thank you, Hotel “Moscow “, you have fulfilled our main requirement, did not bother us. And looked like a typical hotel. For such money, here, we could probably find something more interesting, but we had one condition: the hotel should have looked like a hotel, like a typical hotel. We need it to shoot our video. See how gorgeous it looks now. And remember how cool it looked in the video, in our last video. As friends, we are going to make a deal around the apartment and move. Little was filmed these days, because little was happening. In general, everything is fine, I hope that now everything will pass quickly and we will move to the apartment, because it’s very tight to live in a hotel room, week – you can just go crazy. We are going to unload our stuff. We gave them copies of documents, now they will prepare a contract there and that’s it. But we are already moving in. Where are we, tell me. Where is it? All our stuff, say it. Where it was? Do you like? Bunny? Come on, Din, look – your bed. Let’s go watch your bedroom. Is it your room. Like? Let’s go to watch the 2nd bedroom. We have more than enough dishes! This is our bedroom. Don’t go here. You go there. And where is my toy? Find me a toy! They are in the car. My sister says that Irina and me have the super power to turn any place where we live into a landfill. Now we will check whether this is so. Well, probably, my sister is right. I have only one question, how did it all fit into our little car? Bunny, how did you pack everything so well, huh? This is props. Here, our package with yours, all the rest is props. This is clothes we wear. Everything else is his stuff for filming and props. -For filming.
-For filming stuff. This is all his. Aren’t you ashamed to have so many things? -Oh.
-Oh. This view from the window. Wow. You live the best life! – What a life! Isnt it too much for you, no?
– For me – no… for you – yes… Look, we almost unpacked everything. Well, how: they threw all the trash into a room that we will not use, oh sorry, in Din’s room. This is not trash, this is shooting equipment! We open a package with clothes. With one hand is uncomfortable. This is all our junk from my backpack. Charges, as I said before. Our digital universe. What bunny? Is apartment good enough for you? This is the front door. The corridor. We go to the right – our bedroom, where we will live. This is the second bedroom – Din’s bedroom, where we will have stuff dumped. Bidet, toilet, shower. This is the main one, it turns out … hall. Hall. This is a TV zone. This is a dining area, but we will probably make it a working one: we’ll move it there. It’s a kitchen. The kitchenette is small. Refrigerator. Here, here is a bar. Here we will have a dining area, probably. Well, the terrace. On the terrace we already set up, like this, a table and chairs. And here is the view from our window. Yes, Bunny? Let’s go. With the help of these air conditioners, heating is arranged here. -Bunny, look, where’s mom?
-Why do I need her? I look at the sea. Come to me. Stop looking at me like that!

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  1. Hi Din. I like the apartment you are going to be living in while you are away from home. The view of the city is beautiful, especially the ocean. I see Din likes the water and he looks so happy. Since Din is a celebrity, he should be allowed to go anywhere. It was nice to see Dins mum and dad kissing. How cute😍. Happy travels my friend and stay cute❤

  2. !!!There are English and Spanish subtitles. Use it!!!

    For mobile Clicking the 3 dots on the top right, there should be an option for CC…

  3. Doxie, when you started playing with your blue squeaky starfish my Chiweenie went crazy!! She loves squeaky toys, but she is a professional squeaker killer, so they don't last long around her!!😂🐾🤨

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